Happy Chick for iPhone, iPadThough, there are limited ways by which we can enjoy all the nostalgic games on smartphones and tablets. Sure, there are a lot of emulators available for Android devices. But very few emulators work for iOS devices. One of the best iOS best emulators is Happy Chick for iPhone.

As it is a well-known thing that gaming emulators don’t work well on iOS devices, you may think Happy Chick for iPad doesn’t work too. But on the contrary, Happy Chick APK for iPhone is amongst the top quality iOS emulators available on the market. Sure, you won’t be able to find it on the official app store, but multiple ways are there to get it installed on your iPad or iPhone.

So, with no further ado, let’s know more about Happy Chick APK Download, how you can download it, and how you can make the best use.

Happy Chick for iPhone, iPad

A Chinese developer develops the Happy Chick APK iPhone, and it is one of the most comprehensive gaming emulators giving you an all in one gaming experience. Did you ever want to play the nostalgic games of PlayStation, PPSSPP, Xbox games, crossfire games, and the age-old 8bit and 16bit games on your iOS devices?

Well, if so, the Happy Chick APK iPhone has arrived for both the Android and IOS devices. You can additionally install it on Windows PC. Happy Chick for iPad gives you access so you can play games like Dragon Ball Z, Call of Duty, NBA, FIFA, Need For Speed, GTA, Far Cry, and many more well-known titles directly on your iOS device.

There is no need to jailbreak your device to install Happy Chick APK iPhone, which is the best thing about this app. There are several ways to get it installed via the Cydia app if you are on a jailbroken device. So before proceeding to the download section, let’s know more about the features Happy Chick APK iPhone has to offer.

Features of Happy Chick iOS

Happy Chick APK iPhone There are many emulators available on the market, basically for Android devices. And some of you may have tried them. These are some peculiar features of the Happy Chick APK iPhone that make it different from other emulators.

Cloud storage

As we all know, nobody wants to save massive games locally on their device’s memory. For that, Happy Chick APK iPhone offers you a cloud mode where you can keep the gaming process online instead of creating a local backup.

Humongous database

Developers working at Happy Chick APK iPhone want to make sure that users are given the authority to play all the nostalgic games of the 90s, premium games like Grand Theft Auto, Street Fighter, Pokemon, Super Mario and many more. They have incorporated an enormous database, from where you can download any game that you want.

Online multi-player support

To enhance the gaming experience, Happy Chick for iPhone has included an online network where you can create your account and play your favorite games with opponents from all around the world.

Console integration

Happy Chick for iPhone emulator made sure that you will get the most out of their app. They have included support for over 18 consoles that host hundreds and thousands of games.

Connecting the custom gamepads

We all know how tiresome it is to play a game on our smartphone and tablets without using a gaming controller. To make things easier, the Happy Chick APK iPhone has included support for third-party gamepads that you can connect directly to your iOS devices.

How to install Happy Chick on iPhone

As we have already mentioned, you can install the Happy Chick APK iPhone on both a jailbroken and a non jailbroken device. You’ll get the regular updates if you are on a jailbroken device, but, unfortunately, you need to download and install the updates manually. With that being said let’s not how you can install it on the jailbroken device first,

Installing Happy Chick for iPad on a Jailbroken iOS device

By default, Cydia by Saurik comes pre-installed on almost all jailbroken devices.

Installing Happy Chick for iPhone on a non-jailbroken iOS device

Sure, some people want to keep things simple. You can always jailbreak your device at any point in time. But for those who don’t want to mess up something, here is the best solution.

Note – sometimes, that app icon will be grayed out after its installation because Apple has disabled it. Don’t worry, follow the steps mentioned above, and enable profiles corresponding to Happy Chick for iPhone.

Worthy alternatives

So, unfortunately, there are minimal apps that support emulation on iOS. You can always try, Rom Buddy, Rom Buddy PSX, but these are only confined to PlayStation emulation.

Download Happy Chick

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