JetFlash Recovery Tool

JetFlash Recovery Tool is a program for recovering your flash drive. If your flash drive stops working or is determined by the system, this program will help you recover your flash drive. If your flash drive does not respond, you cannot record files to the flash drive, the system does not determine it, and it is […]

OCR CuneiForm

OCR CuneiForm is a free program for text scanning and OCR. Initially, the program was created for commercial use, but the later company developed the opened code source of the program. OCR CuneiForm recognizes fonts of all tracings received from the printer except decorative and manuscripts. CuneiForm has a special algorithm that can identify text on […]

Firefox Browser

Firefox Browser is a powerful browser. There are a vast number of add-ons you can use to extend the functionality of Firefox. In Mozilla Firefox Browser, there is a tabbed interface, spell checking, “live bookmarks”, download manager, and search engine. You can add extra features to Firefox using the extensions. Mozilla Firefox Internet Browser is […]

AMD Driver Autodetect

AMD Driver Autodetect is a free AMD driver and video card installer. The driver’s search and installation are automatic. Each user who reinstalled Windows OS faced a problem concerning the driver. In most cases, people do not know where to search for it (if the user does not have an installation disk) or do not know […]


Stellarium is a virtual planetarium on your computer. It is a free and cross-platformed application that is updated and contains a vast database about spheres. The program is flexible in its settings and simple in use. If you are interested in astronomy, you will enjoy this application. You will get comprehensive information on constellations of […]

Kaspersky Rescue Disk

Kaspersky Rescue Disk is a free Windows virus protection developed by Kaspersky Laboratory. Antivirus cleans your computer from viruses and malware programs with no load on the computer system. If you ever have faced a powerful virus on your computer, most probably after that, your computer could not load the OS. It can happen for […]

Double Driver

Double Driver is a free program for creating driver backup installed on your computer. You will also be able to restore the backups. Nowadays, there are many computer equipment manufacturers. Buying computers or laptops in stores, people usually try to choose the one that already has a functioning system with all drivers. Sometimes manufacturers do […]

Video Editor Montage ZS4

Video Editor Montage ZS4 is a free program to edit and montage video files. The program lets to create qualitative videos. You can apply audio and other multimedia files to the videos. More and more users are becoming interested in the video montage process. The key reason for that is YouTube. This editor is handy […]

Torrent App Mediaget

Mediaget Torrent App is a free torrent client with a search function. To work with Mediaget, you need not register on torrent trackers. The program already includes the most popular ones. Use the Mediaget search, find what you need, and download it to your computer. Using Mediaget Torrent App to search videos or some programs, you do not […]

Java platform

Download a free Java platform where you can write online projects. Java is very popular among Internet application developers. Java is used by a variety of devices, including mobile phones. Developers write many programs and games in Java; the advantage of these programs is their portability. Also, Java has an excellent security system because applications […]