Smadav 2020 for PC security in your system is used for protection, as are other antiviruses such as Avira, AVG, and even Norton. It protects your system from devices that are linked like USB, flash, and Memory card drive.

It is compatible with your antivirus application that is primary and functions as another layer of protection. So the operation of your system can be enhanced. Because of consuming low resources, you may use the Smadav expert for additional features.

Smadav Free Download Latest (Terbaru)

Additional Antivirus Program

Together with your protective antivirus applications, Smadav uses your Windows PC as an extra line of protection. Most of the antivirus programs can not be set up. However, Smadav is compatible with antivirus applications, with its antivirus technique. Besides cleaning bugs features.

Your system is protected by the antivirus program for USB flash. Since USB is your chief source of spreading the virus, the program detects viruses in a flash, restores its material that is contaminated too, and cleans it.

Smadav uses low resources.

Smadav has a memory of around 5 MB using a 1% CPU. The rate of your system does not slow down.

The antivirus program detects viruses and finds blots. It clears your system by adjusting the changes made from viruses. It gives tools for fighting against virus cleaning.

Automatically Updated

Smadav Antivirus variant 2020 has the power to upgrade itself without users’ command. The system ought to be linked to the net as the app uses online upgrading.

No need to upgrade the virus database to be updated monthly. The application works for many devices. Also, as Windows XP using 32-bit and 64-bit installations.

Main Features

  • Additional antivirus tools for detecting viruses and malware.
  • Security from all externally connected devices like a USB drive.
  • Using low Resources.
  • Detects & Clears Viruses.
  • Automatically Updated.
  • The addition of 1040 virus records.
  • Compatible with Windows.

License: Freeware.
OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10.
Download the latest version:

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