Torch Web BrowserTorch Web Browser is a light, fast, and convenient web-browser built on Chromium engine.

Torch Browser Description

This browser was developed four years ago. From the beginning, it did not differ much from Google Browser. Both are built on Chromium Engine with WebKit framework. So that means that both browsers have a similar interface and the same operating time.

But with time, the browser has been developing more and more. Developers realized that browser needs such functions, which are the most needed ones while using the Internet. So now Torch Web Browser differs from many other ones.

Torch Browser has a built-in torrent client and can download movies, music, and many other files with the use of BitTorrent. It is an excellent feature since all users use torrents for downloads from the Internet. The download speed is high.

The browser lets you download video and audio files from web pages by clicking only one button. At the top, next to the URL line, there is a button called “Media”. When you visit any web-site, Torch scans the page content, and if there is a video or audio, this button flashes to let you know that you can download this content. So you can download videos from YouTube and other video hostings.

There is also a built-in audio player. During downloading player connects to a database of audio and video files on the server of Torch Media. You can watch video clips and listen to virtually any singers. Also, you can create your playlists.

Torch Browser is becoming more and more popular, especially among juniors.

Technical specifications

Language: English
Status: Freeware
Developer: Torch Media
System: Windows All
Program size: 66.7 Mb

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